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Rochelle shares a photo prompt every Friday. She encourages us to write a story of hundred words (more or less) based on the prompt. If you’d want to join the wagon click at  FRIDAY FICTIONEERS to know more and add your story to the blue frog icon.

Copyright –   Dawn Q. Landau

Copyright – Dawn Q. Landau

I was left here by the train tracks. Reasons were unknown to me. However, having survived a whole year makes me feel like this is my new home.

I’m the new tough guy around the place.

I was standing behind the tree watching her being bullied by some other kids. I made my way out of the tree. With saliva drooling from my mouth and a roar larger than my size I stood in front of them. They ran… away. I got to admit – it was fun. But no one messes around the place when I’m there.

Who am I, again?

I’m Toby – the guardian of the tracks.