Like a million stars;

Wandering in the galaxy.

My soul, an eternal entity;

Has journeyed a thousand times.

I learn,

And yet, travel ten thousand times more.

When I become one;

I ask.

Did I learn anything?

Is my quest over, yet?

Or will I travel another mile?

Or will I go on another quest?

Inspired by the weekly photo challenge: Quest

In the white land

A blank sheet of ice stretched far and wide. Today, some outsiders were hiding in its thickness.


Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Our hunters eagerly waited for any kind of movement. They had travelled far in the ice land. No walruses, no seals, no carcasses were on the menu for them. They had smelled food at this point and took a break.

In their polar thick white furs they were fighting … for their destiny… for their survival… for food. Desperation and hunger was leading their paths but food was not easily found or  served.

A motion was sensed at a distance. Eyes locked on the target… set to kill.

The battle won’t last long. Our hunters will be defeated by electric fencing even before they could reach their food.



All I could think was of Polar Bears. On 15 May 2008, the United States department of Interior listed the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. Due to climate change they are facing great difficulties such as starvation and malnutrition. They mostly hunt seals but even they are on the endangered list of animals.

I would also like to share this video.

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Little things

I know some of you’ll would take your cameras, some would take laptops, others their phones and tablets and all kinds of gadgets. It will be hard to travel to any location, big or small, without these precious tools.

However, if I were to travel without these things then what will come along with me? I would love to travel like a nomad without any gadgets in my possession. I would travel like a free soul, like a carefree bird and…wait a minute, come along… my curious pair of eyes I will show you people and places to remember. I would take my writing notepad and my personal diary along to catch every moment away from home. Although, it is a little difficult to choose between you two; I think my notepad would be a true companion to travel with me.