No Trespassing

I would like to thank Rochelle for conducting photo prompts every Friday at FRIDAY FICTIONEERS .This week’s photo is shared by Sandra Crook. Thank you Sandra.

My story follows the photo.

Photo prompt - Sandra Crook

Photo prompt – Sandra Crook

Two hands were covered in mud and a wooden box was buried deep in the soil. I was made to sit beside it.

As time passed by my branches reached for the sky. Leaves and birds danced to the tune of Mr. Wind but with nighttime all would melt away in darkness.

Life went on as it was for me and the others – relaxed and lazy. Children played in the mornings, gamblers sat in the afternoons and lovers nestled at nighttime.

Then, came change and along with it some strangers.

Times had changed. Now a barbed wire encircled me like a ring. A wooden board was also hammered to the ground which read: Private Property.

Reality was – I was a trespasser in my own land. My fate again rested in a set of hands – only this time, they had an axe.

How to grow a Money Tree

money plantIt is a fascinating idea to have full grown trees with branches spreading wide open in the sky and leaves as green as sapphire and for it to be occasionally burdened with some golden fruits. Replace these leaves from the wallet owned greens and substitute the golden fruits by coins. What do you get – A Money Tree.

Parents work hard to instill the right attitude, values and behavior in us right from our childhood. I remember my father working hard. They all do and nothing has changed about that. My mother, I remember, tried to manage the house and us along with our small and big desires, needs and wants. Parents have a difficult life as we (children) enjoy as much as we can and till the time we can.

It would be unfair to expect them to be happy all the time. With all the grown up issues and responsibilities they do tend to snap at times. Which I think is only fair, as I’m dealing with them now. Whether single or married, children or no children we all have a whole lot of problems which need fixing. Some are quick fix issues and some are like the bathroom pipes  leaking after every six months of repair and some get a permanent fixing like cement poured on the ground never to come off until broken.

The issues might have transformed in shape and size but the nature still remains the same. The grown up problems (or financial health of a person or a family) affect children’s allowance directly.

One day…when 11 or 12, I had asked for some money but got some blah! blah! blah! in return. So, I decided to do something for myself.

I took some coins and notes from my pencil box – where I stored some (not all) money. It gave me an easy access to my savings. In addition to my pencil box I stored money… in a book, in a small pouch hidden beneath a pile of clothes, in a piggy bank, in a handmade paper envelope under the mattress. Then there were places completely forgotten about until a day I miraculously discovered them. Of course, it was a bumper prize for me and my face glowed like a 100 watt bulb.

With a coin and note in my hand I stormed out of the room. I declared anger by slamming the doors and utensils – my normal representation of anger. The door slammed with a big noise right behind me. The bang was powerful enough to swallow my mother’s voice. My name was already lost in the big bang boom as the door shut right behind me. My small steps made its way out of the room in great hurry.

With determined steps I marched towards the garden. Scanning through each and every spot, plants and trees, pots both empty and full I stood with the note and a coin in my hand. There was a spot by a cactus plant. Yes, that was a perfect spot. It was a safe place. In my absence the cactus plant would mother my money plant.

I was going to grow a plant – my own money plant. This would grant me independence and I’ll be saved from asking money from my parents (so, I thought). At that moment a child’s true imagination had overpowered me making be oblivious of the probability of a money plant actually not manifesting in my garden.

Deciding on the spot I looked at other particulars. Knowing that coins are made of metal – I didn’t worry much. However, I was worried about the note after all it is paper. So I covered it nicely in a plastic sheet and glued both the ends.

I dug a small hole. Put the encased note and coin in it, covered it with dark brown earth and poured some water on it. I had seen my mom planting the seeds in the same manner. My small palms were covered in soil and my nails were dark in colour by now. But all the hard work made me happy as I was looking forward to a time – an owner of a money plant.

I think the money still remains buried at the same place. No one knows of the money or my action. I wonder when did I lose track of it not growing. I realize now that it was a childish act but my imagination and intention was pure at that time.

Now that I have faced the hard truth like everyone else – that money don’t grow on tree trunks – and everyone has to work for it.

As children, we are the owners of our own imaginations. We do not think of the consequences. We are at a time, when we act with our ignorance and rest everything in a container called – believe. Over a period of time as the money tree did not come to life my imagination also got buried in the soil of reality.

An Outline

In capturing silhouettes I realized that they appeared like shadows-dark, except they were not shadows but were outlines of what truly is.

Silhouettes that I gathered for this weeks’ photo challenge are below. Hope you enjoy, cause I enjoyed taking each shot.

Strong tree trunk

When I had clicked this I had no idea how it would turn out. It was a cloudy winter day and the sun was setting. What I saw was a soft pink murky sky. I think more than the sky I liked this tree, which is just a bare tree trunk, but it displays a very strong outline. It seemed somewhat artistic to me, so I captured it.


Beach in Goa

This might not be the best of the shots that you have seen but I liked the beach shot. I remember I had raced to capture the sun set but was late and hence decided to capture something. And this was that something. Inspite of the blue sky and the sandy outline the dark palm trees caught my sight instantly after I saw the picture in the processed form.


Tree reaching to sky

I love the flower on this tree; I don’t know the name. The flower is a bright deep red and its texture is fleshy. It normally blooms during the summer months. When I saw this tree with my favourite flowers blooming on it I wanted to capture it. But as you can see the sun had decided to set and what I got was an outline of the tree. I was a little disheartened not to find my favourite red flower in the shot but was happy to have captured this tree instead. Somehow it shows the desperate desire of the tree to reach towards the sky and touch it.