I love rivers and the running streams. I love the way water flows in them… through the rocks and pebbles and dried tree trunks. River to me stands for the way of life always flowing never stopping – always learning and growing- till it meets its end. Water a true symbol of strength and force also symbolizes calmness and life-giving energy.


Nature and everything in it symbolizes life, beauty, creativity and uniqueness to me. Nature is not only a teacher but a true artist as well (always at work creating something marvelous). The tree below looks like a human to me trying to reach for the sky. I had other photos as well to share but because of an error was not able to upload.

Nature’s art

Light a symbol of hope and goodness.


We need something to measure – a scale

amidst the park….

You don’t always need small to measure big or vice versa. But it’s the human psychology we need tiny substance to measure the greatness of things; similarly we need huge substance to scale the tininess of a substance. We need beauty to measure the ugliness and perfection to measure imperfection. But we need something to measure – a scale.

in the free sky….

Everything has a price and so does freedom. A bird soaring freely up in the sky seems an easy act but it has to stick to courage and balance to keep scaling the vastness of the blue sky. Similarly we each are with individual identities and in order to keep our identities unique we need courage to survive and balance to act in difficult times.

just enough…to relax

A duck needs water to swim not too much, not too less – just enough to immerse and float itself in it. Human life could be a lot simpler and easier if we could live with not too much or too less – but enough to live happily and contented.



Dialogues expressing emotions

It was interesting to look for dialogues in the photos. I think the challenge of this week was quite interesting. Pictures tell a story and here are the stories that I want to share. Hope you enjoy!

raining dialouge

It’s a raining dialogue between the much awaited rain and the trees. When I had clicked this, the tree was almost dancing to the tune of rain. The leaves were smiling as if expressing their gratitude to the rain god.

talking love

This is such a sweet photo of these two love birds. Do I need to say anything? A dialogue and an emotion (of love) that we all are familiar with. They remind me of new couples. Too cute. What do you think?

The next picture has a story to it. Of course my version…but very clear to capture.

looking for a date

As you can see there are three pigeons sitting on the windowsill. The one towards the extreme right came first and was sitting quietly. After some time the center one arrived in style to impressĀ  the one sitting towards the right. The one in right didn’t pay attention and kept moving towards the absolute corner. The pigeon on the right kept ignoring it and very soon a third pigeon joined them in the left corner. It was interested in the center one and tried to impress it by dancing in circles, I guess it’s some pigeon dance. As you can see the center one was alarmed and started shifting towards right. I think it was a little disappointed to taste its own medicine. When the one in the right could not move further, it flew away…after quick seconds the center one took flight and then there was no point for the last one to stay, so even that flew. I guess no one was interested in anyone that day. A bad day for a date for these pigeons.

crazy dance to win a date

Here the left one is performing its crazy pigeon dance and moving towards the one in the center. What happened next? Well, you know the rest of the story. The left flew after the center and the center flew after the right and the right was simply not interested so it flew…they all flew away.