Revealing the hidden

“You can’t do this,” is a self explanatory statement. Even a child could understand and obey to such a command. But what lies beneath this statement is an ugly truth.

So, what does one mean when they say this. Firstly, they don’t believe in you or your capabilities and so they stand in your way like a watch dog, they pretend to guard you but will bite you if you take even a step closer to your dreams. Secondly, they think what if by some luck you actually succeed in your endeavors and prove them wrong. It would be a total disaster for them. Thirdly, what if it works and you prove to be better than them.

In all the cases, only one thing is common – they don’t want you to succeed.

Your friends might say: we don’t want you to be hurt or you are not suited for this kind of job. Sounds genuine! You can trust your friends. Well, what are friends for? When you can’t think straight they’ll do the thinking for you.

Whether it is your friend or some stranger or neighbours or relatives – listen – ears have a purpose. God gave two of them to everyone – listen from one ear, retain, analyze in the head and dump the garbage talk from the other ear. When these insincere people speak – listen – listen to yourself first and then to them.

Why listen? Listening ascertains the tone which is the best judge of feelings. A friend’s tone will show concern and a genuine feeling for your safety. They would not want you to get hurt. But you could sense an envious tone in the insincere people who do not want you to succeed. This tone will be sufficient to prove their desperation to prove you wrong. Hence, you can just listen to them, analyze, watch their tone – which is fake- and dump whatever they are saying.

The concerned people like your friends would want you to succeed. They would want to help you out as your happiness is of prime importance to them.

The unconcerned lot would not want you to succeed because at some point in their life they would have tried (or not) and they failed. It’s human nature to envy and pull the others down in the mud when they are trying to climb up (by doing something new or hard). They were pricked with pain and choose the same path and feel an obligation towards self to do the same to others. It is here, that they could be productive and share their insights of a failed mission with the ones who are trying.

I think it is some quality in them – jealousy- that makes them see who you could be. You might me ignorant of your success but they are not, as they have experienced failure. And the only reason that you should try once is because these experienced people are not only trying to stop you but are somehow aware of your capabilities. To me they are the secret symbols telling me to go ahead and pursue my dreams.

Trying has proven to be beneficial as it eases out the pain of not attempting at all or even a tested failure. “You’ve got to try at least once,” is what I say when someone tells me that I can’t do something. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen…I’ll fail…and I’ll try or may be not or try again and again and fail and try and succeed or not…I don’t care. I don’t care if someone laughs at me. The worst is: I’ll fail, I’ll not succeed, I’ll look for options but I’ll learn and this will help in determining some concealed qualities and capabilities in me. It is for these insincere people who help us to reveal who we truly are or can be.