Steps towards happiness


Have you ever seen one of those glowy smiley balls? They look so cheerful, don’t they? I wish I could be like one of those smiley balls. But I guess being human has some limitations (but, I don’t care I can cope up with those).

So, what makes me happy?

I mostly stay positive all the time and so I stay happy most of the times…or may be NOT.

So, what do I do to stay happy?

Read self help books, practice meditation, dance, and write (Oh! Please give me a break, I don’t do any of these things). Wouldn’t you agree with me, in a state of depression no one wants to go through these things. It’s kind of over burdening.


This is what I do when my head is swirling with negative thoughts and I no longer have a smiley on my face. I follow the following steps towards happiness:

The first step is to take giant steps towards kitchen.

Then open the door of the fridge.

Gently scan through all the things stored in there.

I simply hunt for a candy bar (snickers or mars) or may be ice-cream. Well! At this point you can hunt for anything of your choice. I would suggest that you could go in for something non veg, also ( totally up to you).

At this time I look at my prey.

On my way back to the room, I start tearing its cover.

The action of tearing the cover of the bar and me reaching to my favourite chair is finished at the same time.

I sit victoriously in the chair with the prey in one hand while the other hand becomes audience to its actions.

Now comes my favourite part as I start eating the bar with all the enjoyment (as if there is nothing to worry about). I’m not concerned about gaining weight at this time as my major focus is something else.

Here’s what I get towards the end of all these steps  a “Smile” which I guess is a sign of happiness.