Vending Machine

What all could you want from a vending machine that works like Aladdin’s Lamp only it is not a lamp it’s a machine. It is not small, it is huge and you cannot hide it. It doesn’t work when rubbed but works fine when pressed or touched (that is, if it has a touch screen or the normal buttons to press).

Let me think for a while. Are you sure that I’ll not have to insert coins or money into it. If that’s the case then I would want it to give me some walnuts whenever I’m hungry (I love them). How about cooked home meals, I think I would love that (I hope that it tastes like a home meal too) as it would spare me from going through the trouble of cooking. There are books that I would want to read and hope this machine gives me books of various authors from different genres. And no, it would not help me in publishing a book but just help me to find the real book that I want to read. Medicines and check-ups are expensive these days. What if this machine is capable of detecting the error in body and suggest the relevant medicines or better if it could give it. I think now I’ll let the machine (that’s in the making… somewhere) rest for a while.

The Daily Post “Genie”

I would love to get hold of a genie, but I don’t know if they do exist. However, today “the daily post” is my genie and it will grant me three wishes.

Here are my three wishes:

1) I wish to possess some power that would let me know about the daily posts, weekly challenges and all the other challenges in advance. Why? I would have extra time to think and write.

2) I wish to read each and every post on “The Daily Post”. Why? Because of the time I’m not able to read all in one day. My aim is to read all in one day, because they all are great and every post has something different to offer.

3) I wish to see “The Freshly Pressed” logo on my blog. Why? I like the logo.

But till the time I’m visited by a genie and all my wishes are granted (in my dreams); I would have to do all the three things by myself, the hard way since short cuts are often tempting but not often fruitful.