World at a click

“A little right, boy.”

“Yes, mam.”

“Wow! look at these streets. Look at the stones. Now tell me if you don’t see some art here.”

“Hmmm!…Yes, mam.”

“Now take me a little left, boy.”

She marveled at the beauty laid in each brick…block by block. There was no further ahead. They hit the end of the path.

“That’s it Mrs. Rodriguez.”

The old lady got up from the chair as her entire weight made her wrinkled hands tremble a little. With the crutches clasped, she moved out of the room.

“Next time… a virtual tour, to…Eiffel tower.”

Sandra Crook

Rochelle Wisoff- Fields-Addicted to Purple is the place where every Friday a photo is shared with an aim to write a fiction around it in 100 words or less. Anyone who wants to participate can click at FRIDAY FICTIONEERS to know about the rules.

Today’s photo is a contribution from Sandra.

Thanks to Rochelle, a kind host, and Sandra for sharing the photo with us. I would also like to thank my readers for visiting, reading and sharing their views. I’m very happy with this one as I was able to write it in 99 words. Hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Price of a heart


Long had I waited to seal a deal

Long was he gone; and long was I sad.

Someone came along the way,

Asked me,”how good is your heart?”

Less did I know it was a trap.

Weakly I answered it is good to go.

“How far will you go for your loved one”, he asked.

I guess further than he has gone.

He showed me the picture of my loved one.

He asked me, “What would you do to be a part of the picture?”

How clever was he, dressed in disguise.

I mistook him as a slave, for he was the master of the world.

I promised him my heart for the love of my soul.


The master had played the trick well.

Only later I found, the soul was no longer his.

My baby was no longer innocent,

He was just a slave to the master.

Treacherous, deceiving, conniving master had taken my heart for his soul.

I deserved what I got the soul for my heart.

The master smiled at his victory;

My priceless heart had now become painless too.


The poem tells about a lady who has lost her baby. The devil comes with a deal and asks for her heart and promises her the soul of the child. It seems to her that her baby is happy; and she seals the deal with him. When she actually meets her baby she finds that he is no longer innocent but turned like the master (for he was staying in his world and has learnt his traits). Now she can’t complain as she got what she had asked for. Thus she understands that her priceless heart had now turned painless too as she is not affected to see her child change being something/someone different.