All smiles

To me, Flowers = Smile. 

No matter what the day is throwing at me or how the sun is shining, a flower of any kind or anywhere effortlessly helps me to wear a smile. Once I start smiling, the feeble smile cushions me with some sort of strength and calmness instantly.


Whenever I see a flower, I smile at them knowing that they too, are smiling at me.



For photo challenge: Smile


Favorite place is…

Nothing more magical than a morning sun

Any place becomes a favourite spot from where I can see the morning sun.

Clear blue sky and white clouds

Any place becomes a favourite place from where I can stand and watch the clear blue sky and the wafting clouds pass me by.

Wildflowers in my path

Any place becomes a favourite place where one or many flowers stand to greet me.

A grape wine, with tiny grapes

Any place becomes a favourite place from where I can see mother nature’s fruits of abundance.


In response to: Favorite Place


I’d Rather… than

I’d rather walk or be watchful of my own journey than mind the steps of others on their journeys.

I’d rather run and flow and find out my path than sit stagnant at one place.

I’d rather reach out to the sky than stay stuck in my mind’s chaos. I’d rather scale out from my comfort zone and move out than keep everything intact as the same me.

I’d rather grow and try to live each moment in happiness than just live and allow life to pass by me. I’d rather wither away like a rose, spreading sweet fragrance  of happiness and positivity, than let my sadness and negativity affect me and dull my surroundings.



A Story Left Behind

When I was shifting home two years back, I had to leave some wonderful memories behind. Spun in those memories were both people and places.

My neighbours were an old couple. Aunty was my favourite.

We had spent years talking together. A very wise, kind and a sensible lady she was. I didn’t want to part away without a token of love and appreciation to our wonderful bond that was created over time. There was only one question — what should I gift her?

I prepared a list of things that I could buy. They didn’t please me much.

Then I thought, why not gift a piece of art. I wanted to make something… some kind of painting.

One part of me strongly supported the idea while the other thought it was stupid. It opposed by saying, “What if she throws it in the dustbin.”

Amidst the chaos of packing my negative thoughts were trying to supress the positive ones. Finally the positive gathered courage and made a declaration: I don’t care even if she throws it in the dustbin. Peace prevailed. I got to work. Time was limited — just a week.

My subject was decided – a rose. I wanted it to be different, so I decided to paint it on a sheet of black sandpaper.

The end result was this


To tell the truth I was nervous about making it on the sandpaper. I had never tried that before. It was just an idea and I worked on that.

How strange it was when I had given myself to the process. The process is always a mystery as you don’t know what the result would be. Will it be good or bad? success or failure? But when you let your love and passion for something lead your path of creativity — you get something. You get — a result, failed attempt or attempts and satisfaction of some kind — in the end . The result cannot be a security or guaranteed but in the end you know you have walked a journey and taken some steps.

My art was slowly taking its form. I was skeptical but I continued and drew strength from my own lines. I had given myself into the process so there were — no questions in my mind, no ego in my heart or expectations from the universe or the process. I saw what my mind showed.

They say that the best way to gain knowledge is by sharing your own. I have always believed this and have found it to be true because when you share you become better with your own concepts. After that incident, I feel that if you want to polish your skill(s) of some kind — the best is to gift it away. Share it. Give it for free.

What’s the worst? The person might not like it or throw it in the dustbin. At least they’ll not tell you, “I threw your gift because I didn’t like it.” And if some day someone does say so then you know it would be best to give it a break, try sometime later or let it be a feedback to work on.

Anyways, coming back to my gift, I walked into aunty’s home. Very shyly I held the frame and told her, “Aunty, this is for you. I don’t know if you’ll like it or not.” I held the frame extending my hands to her. She looked at it. With a smile she said,“It’s very beautiful.”



Banyan Trees

As a child I was always fascinated by banyan trees. When I saw one for myself I though how could the roots hang from the branches of the trees. These hanging roots have always led me into believing that they are some kind of ropes.

A few days back I saw one after many years. The roots of this tree had some-kind-of-a rippling effect. It reminded me of waves just that instead of water there was mud and instead of waves there were these roots surfacing above and below the mud.

It gave it an out of the world look.

Written in response to the photo challenge: Out of This World


A Face in The Crowd

A face in the crowd, is a face of a person that we all are.

We smile sometimes, and we frown the other times.

Dreams and aspirations, we hold in one hand;

and in the other we hold the baton of reality.

A face in the crowd is sometimes young and naive,

sometimes bold and confident,

sometimes ferocious

and sometimes marred by the rough edges of life.

No matter what they are; or who wears them.

Each has a story to tell, if looked deeper.

And still, each is lost far away in the ripples of time.

It’s a face in the crowd that we never meet again,

and still, we own them as we were the same.