The Fruit of Patience is Sweet

As a child I was always told that the fruit of patience is sweet. I believed it. What my elders didn’t tell me was: Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. Anyways, since I had no idea about the —patience is bitter part — I always believed that the fruit of patience was sweet and so was patience.

Two years back, I developed a new hobby — gardening. People who have been reading my blog already know about this interest of mine. I had shared a few photos of my terrace garden. You would laugh when you would know that I just have 20 or- so flower pots on my so- called- terrace- garden. I do! So you should laugh, too.

I cannot play favourites with my plants. They all are my favourites.

However, as a child I had seen a Chinese orange plant in our school garden. I feel in love with it. Its tiny little oranges seemed no less than a miracle to me. I felt like somebody had squeezed a big orange tree into a miniature one. This short plant with its round lush green leaves and small oranges intrigued me a lot.  That day I decided, that if I ever see this plant, I’m going to adopt one for myself.

I did. Two years back.

Last year the plant showcased only one orange which stood triumphantly throughout the entire year.

This year it is blooming and glowing with flowers, buds and fruits. I feel that my patience has been rewarded.

I had also thrown a few tomato seeds into a pot — just for fun. First there was nothing. Then I forgot. Then came tiny green sprouts. At that moment I had to literally hold my hands from pulling them out as initially it is almost always difficult to tell if the green sprouts are unwanted weeds or wanted plants.  Anyways I chose to be patient.  In a few days I could see the shape of the leaves and understood it to be a tomato plant.

Today I’m very happy as the plant has given its first tomato. It reminds me of an episode from the serial “The Last Man on Earth” in which Carol wants to grow tomatoes and their trials and tribulations regarding it.

At the moment I just have these two fruit bearing plants. They both are rewarding me with their flowers and fruits.  Whenever I see them, I’m filled with a sense of joy and happiness.


Guardian Angel

Whose beloved are we?

Of at least one.

If there is none, then also there is someone somewhere always looking upon us.

I had wanted to draw guardian angel for a long time. Finally I got the time to draw. I wanted to draw another one but I drew this one instead.

While I was clicking the photo the sun’s beam was falling on it. I tilted it a bit to get the angle right. It looked good and I thought of sharing this with you all.

I haven’t coloured it yet. I’m in a dilemma here. Should I colour it or just leave it. What do you suggest?


Silent Peace

Darkness melts away,

in the warm glow of a candle light.

Silence then rises and fills the space.

Everything fades away to a place where,

existent becomes non-existing

and non-existent dances in a smoke of life.

In a while all that remains in the blank space is



not even me.

Everything then becomes silent peace….


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Temporary Moments

Since it’s mid November it also means Christmas is coming. With the Christmas arriving, one cannot escape these beautiful red and green foliage of poinsettias. They automatically remind me of Christmas with there reds, greens and yellows.

The spirit of Christmas should be everlasting in one’s heart; however, the day is not. Similarly these red leaves too, are temporary.  I try to enjoy them till they last. I do get sad, when the leaves turn completely green and wait for them to change their colours during its season time. I enjoy the temporary colours in their temporary moments with an everlasting joy.

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Rounded Objects

How about a golden round mirror and a golden gramophone for some music?

A nice place to sit before it would have been standing.

Some pearls and crystals, for a lady to wear.

Delightful looking green gooseberries, always remind me of lemons. Very sour!

When I first saw this flower, I marveled at it as it held beauty, simplicity and attractiveness all together. I thought that the vibrant blue spikes in the center against the creamy background of the petals looked very striking.

Hydrangea to me is a round ball of tiny flowers. It’s a bouquet in itself.

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