Wacky Flavour #32

Wow! Ice creams. Who doesn’t like ice creams? I love them, I love them and I love them.

So, what flavor should be mine? Basically you are saying that today I can enter this ice cream parlor and make my own wacky flavors. If I concentrate on the “wacky” part then my ice cream can be almond flavoured (I think it will taste good nutty and creamy), then I’ll go in for a watermelon flavoured ice cream (the fruit is so refreshing during summers… and so that should be my flavor #32). How about trying something new for your taste buds and introducing the flavours of flowers. That would be great, don’t you think. I’ll go in for a lilly flavor and a lotus flavor. No reason, they are my favourite flowers.

Where did the ‘essence of my personality’ go in the wacky flavour. That could only mean one thing to me- TEA. I think I’ll like to combine the two. After all it reflects not only my personality but is my identity. My mornings are grey without a cup of tea. And since it’s summers I would love to combine the two. So, a tea ice cream for me, please. The only difference will be I’ll be having it in a bowl instead of a cup. I’ll be eating it instead of drinking it. I’ll not have to boil the water, add sugar and tealeaves but just scoop some ice cream from the box. Oh! and I’d like it to be a little strong, please.


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