Just another day

Today was just another day for me. Got up had a nice hot cup of coffee. Read the newspaper and ran to work.

Waited for the metro. Jostled through the crowd took a place and stood in the crowded metro. I passed my time staring at a girl’s pink shoes, a denim handbag peeping at me, colourful bright orange finger ring in a hand, high black heels in front of me.

Reached office…swiped the ID card…sat in my cubicle. Everyone was called for the morning briefing. I return to my space and checked my mails. The regular work continued with some hi’s and hello’s and then the lunch break. With half day gone I waited for the other half of my working day to come to an end. Finally the call for ending the day. Everyone passes by and now the hi’s are changed to chirpy bye’s.

Reached home…made a cup of tea. Watched some T.V. I decide to order something from outside, today. So, I called…placed the order for veg noodles. Bell rang after two hours…check the door. That’s my order. Pay him…close the door.

Dinner done. Laptop on…read and write and read and finally feeling sleepy. So…goodnight for now.



A day…

This, a day

A day to work

A day to be active

A day to do the laundry and stuff

A day to rake the leaves

A day to mow the green grass

A day to relax

A day to go shopping

A day to dress sharp

A day to dress light

A day to gobble unhealthy edibles

A day to consume healthy food

A day to go mad

A day to cheer

A day to cry

A day to remember

A day to forget

A day to pray

A day is everyday

Everyday is this day

This day is to rejoice in the Lord


Being twelve again

Oh God! I forgot to complete my homework (I was unaware of it when I went off to sleep yesterday). I forgot my lunchbox. But I’m not penniless. I was penniless as a 12 year old back then. I had to earn my pocket money by helping my mom and sometimes I was paid in kind like a baked cake, watching T.V for two hrs rather than one hr, getting to play for longer hrs and the list could go on and on but for the time being I just remember the ones that I loved. Thank God! till yester night I was an adult, I still have my account and my cards.

All the subjects were boring except for English…the sole reason being I loved my English teacher and automatically was interested in the subject. And besides that she was kind to me. It could be my smile or my eyes that pleased her, of course that is my thought…didn’t ask then and not interested in the one right now.

It was easy to figure out where my place would be or what I would be doing for the rest of the day. Apart from the English teacher everyone asked for the homework which I didn’t have. So along with everyone I was sent out of the class. We spent our time chatting and giggling at the corridor. On and off some teacher would pass by and make remarks and we would stand at attention and stop talking when we saw someone approaching towards us. After two classes I didn’t even make an attempt to go inside the class as I knew I would be sent out again.

One girl asked me, “Why don’t you come in? There is no teacher now?

“Ah! I have not finished any of my homework so I think the teacher would not accept me in the classroom. Apart from that it is very boring to sit in the class and listen to their lectures,” I made my point to her unconsciously.

“You are right. It is boring,” she said and joined from the next class onwards by lying that she had not completed her homework.

I was thrilled to have a company. She was talkative, so I was not bored. The rest of the day concluded smoothly.

I think she would be disappointed not to see me tomorrow because wordpress would have sent us back to normal. So, I can say, “I had a terrific and an unproductive first day at school and I really enjoyed it.”



I’ll fly like a bird

I have seen the birds flying in the blue sky. I have seen some gliding high, very high, some flying so low that I could catch them and keep them.

I wonder if they fly because of some requirement or is the body that is build to function in this manner or it simply loves to fly. It is very difficult to fathom, as a human being.

As humans, we are inspired by the birds when we see them soaring up in the vast expanse of the sky. I have never been able to ask any bird if they really enjoy flying. I have never been able to decide if they are tired by covering their journey of life in small flights, say per km. I have certainly no knowledge if they enjoy flying or just seem to be doing a mundane job of theirs. It’s difficult to know if they really think so much before a take off.

I have always seen them as free creatures- stretching their wings, flying in a distant unknown land, free from the earthly bounds- and maybe that’s why I want to fly like a bird, someday. Every human, maybe once in life, has a deep desire to acquire a pair of wings and take off to a mysterious land… be a free soul.

Come to think of it, I’m sure it would face certain hardships in such a lifestyle of- doing nothing, flying, sitting, chirping, eating and sleeping in trees or their nests. But when it spreads its wings all charged to meet its new day, ready to fly, claim its freedom for yet another day, discover an unknown territory or claim a known patch of sky or land once again, it knows no bound. It is possessed with a sprite of flight.

But I’m sorry, I don’t see all this. All I see… is a bird on a flying adventure… a free soul to a mysterious land/ sky. And that’s why I fancy them, I imagine to be like them.

So, as the new day awaits me I’ll borrow a set of wings. I’ll fly, venture out the new day with a new spirit as my wings of courage fan out and help me to claim a patch of blue sky. I’ll fly each day with a smile that chirps, ready to meet challenges of any sort.

Relive the past week

Ok!…interesting, so how did WordPress know about my last week? The past week started with a reading of 10 on my mad-o-meter on Monday and slowly had decreased till Sunday.

Monday marked the beginning of the week. I had a good start but had no idea that by the end of the day my maddening degree would be all time high. Had to take a new batch, normally I’m aware of what the batch is all about…and so I’m well prepared. But this was different…had no idea that the batch would be totally different from what I had expected or handled in the past. You get the feeling if something is not working your way and I started getting that feeling. Outcome of the day: I got bored and so did the participants or vice a versa. I kept thinking about the day throughout the week. Now being given the chance to change- I think I would change the day.

Tuesday was ok and so was Wednesday. I was still thinking about Monday and all the how’s and why’ attached to that day. So, on the meter reading, Tuesday was 8/10 and Wednesday came down to 7. Once the maddening meter was down to 7 I realized that I had analyzed the situation from my point of view and so I needed to change.

Now if asked to change the Monday, my answer would be a no. The reason being, I learnt my lesson that, “by changing my viewpoint and by simply changing my angle I got a better look at the situation and it helped me to have a successful session this Monday.”

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were just normal days. No thoughts of changing the days required here.

Sunday went out shopping. Absolutely enjoyed it! Again, don’t want to change it either.