A January Treat

Since it is January and it is chilling cold a treat for me would be to tuck myself in the warmth of my bed. But that wouldn’t be all. I would have a nice small bowl of tomato soup, with some sprinkled pepper, to drink . And then, I would love to read a new book, that I had purchased a few days back, in the glowing light of my study lamp. Just before slipping off to sleep, I would write or draw using my new (bright blue and orange coloured) pens.

No ice-creams for the time being but cakes wouldn’t be that harmful I think. And since that’s a nice thought… maybe, I shall treat myself with a nice fruit cream cake tomorrow.

Written in response to daily prompt: Treat



Birthday’s and other occasions are good enough to treat oneself with some yummy confectioneries. Here’s one that I had last year for my birthday.


Why limit oneself with only sweets and chocolates when there are some natural treats too, that one can feast on? It is a real treat to go pick fruits and eat from one’s garden. I was home last month and I did, just that.

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When nature’s supermarket is up for sale, it’s a treat for these someone too. Why should we only enjoy the produce?

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Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Textures

Here is my entry for this week’s theme: Textures

pebble stones

pebble stones



Wondering what this is? The clue is in the next picture…or shall I say it is the next picture.

custard apple

custard apple

…And that’s a custard apple.

And finally, something smooth and creamy for your sweet tooth.

a birthday cake

a birthday cake

This cake reminds me of small square sized cakes that I used to draw as a kid with tube shaped candles and yellow flames on them. The combination always was white cake with pink cream dripping from its side.



A Flower Pot

One week has passed by and I have not seen him. We met last Thursday at Café Coffee Day, one of my favourite joints. I like their coffee. The aroma of fresh coffee which is rarely absent from the very moment you enter the cafe, stays till the time you are there.

I was waiting as he came. I could feel his presence even before he appeared in front of me. I suspect that not because of some deep love but because of his strong cologne. I had started loving it as much as I loved him. He smiled at me and sat in front of me. I tell you, his smile and only his smile has the power to brighten any of my dull days. We ordered two coffees and a banana cake.

“You said it is important. What is it?”

“Well I’m going to my hometown. I’ll be back in a week’s time.”

“But why are you leaving in the middle of the semester?”

“It’s my mom, she is not well.”


Silence – the uninvited guest- had made its entry and was going to stay for a while with us.

Although, I was sipping the coffee I’m sure internally I was sobbing. Each sip that I took seemed bitter in taste. Strange I had always loved coffee and its taste. It was for the first time, today, that I could actually taste its bitterness which I didn’t like much.

We paid. We moved and started walking.

Our paths were the same and steps matched each pace. Hand in hand we were walking but there still was silence.

We went to Lisa’s Flower Shop. It was our ritual before parting away he would give me a flower of my choice.

“So, you’ll be gone for a week,” I asked gloomily.


“Then why give one flower, I think you should give me seven- one for each day- to remember you.”

“That only seems fair,” he added with a smile which for the first time had an element of sadness in it. He picked up a purple orchid, one of his favourites. Then he gestured at the lady. All I could see was that they were talking while I was looking at the white daisies.

He was carrying a flower pot which had a beautiful purple orchid in it. Some were yet to bloom and would be due to blossom in a day or so.

“Here, take this. You could have this to remember me.”

I was so happy but my emotions of sadness were still covering me up. Although, I remember to have worn a faint smile which could be overpowered by tears that could stream any moment due to the smile or sadness which was too difficult to guess.

Today, is day five and I already miss him so much. The buds that were due have finally bloomed. Its petal; so soft like a baby’s blanket. I water it. I talk to it and have made friends with it.

I take my camera and click its snap. Upload it on FB and tag, “Thank you.”

Mothers greatest gifts of God

My flip flops were waiting for me outside the door. I quickly ate a slice of cake that my mom had baked. It was fresh, soft and delicious. I don’t know what her secret weapon is, but I just love it. I can have it anytime of the day. Of course, she doesn’t stop me from having it, “I’m her darling,” so I get the liberty to have it as much as I want to.

“Mothers – one of the greatest gifts of God,” I remembered a school project that I had once submitted. I don’t know who said that but I’m sure someone wise and old; even if not old but certainly wise.