The song still continued

It was a day, that was a night;

when the sky held its breath,

and the sun was arrested,

behind the dark dull grey curtains.

Everything came to a stand still,

but the glory was not all lost.

The sun had not yet died,

there peeked a golden gleam of hope.

In the end, the sun overcame the dark.

In the end, there was triumph.

In the end, everything was back to normal.

In the end, the sun smiled.

In the end, the day went on.

In the end, its song still continued.

For Daily Prompt:  Overcome


Every time I bury

Every time I bury a seed

It sprouts from the soil

And reaches for the sky


Every time I bury a little dust

It conspires with the wind

And vanishes away magically


Every time the sky tries to bury the sun

It springs up

And races out in the sky the very next day


Every time I see someone in pain and sorrow

I try to bury my own and help the others

My own sorrows and pain become less bearable

What matters?

The world is a dream or am I a dream – dreaming, of my own existence.

If everything is a dream, then what is real?

If reality is a truth then so is my existence.

What if the truth does not exist, then my existence is also non-existent.

And if I’m a part of this world and non-existent then so is the world.

Maya – the myth becomes a fact, a reality when I live it everyday.

But if I choose not the reality but a dream, then everything comes to a halt.

And the only thing that lives is time.

Time – that was, is and will be, with or without us.

Is the only reality and truth of the whole existence.


Life is all that I have

“Life is all that I have,” she said.

Spreading its colourful wings as it hovered into the sky.

A tiny body packed in vibrant colours;

She flew high to kiss the sun.

She came down to embrace the flowers.

“Life is all that I have,” she said.

And so, I shall live;

As she went up the hill,

and raced down the streams.

All colours she had seen;

All colours she had lived,

Except for one.

A day came as it tried to fly,

But there was no fun.

The sun became black.

butterflygarden2Darkness was all her sight,

But she was not afraid

For she said again,

“Life was all that I had”

And I have lived all the colours vibrant and gay

Now let the night cover me,

For it is in this night that I’ll find a new light.

Contentment is hard to find

I want everything –

Sun, moon and stars,

Sapphire, rubies and gold,gemstones

Money lots of it, to buy it all.

Then, I realize that I can’t buy everything,

So I want nothing.

As desires are hard to get rid of,

It seems I still want a few things –

hugsCheerful smiles, friendly hugs, token of love,

Beauty sleep, healthy food to eat and a protective den to keep me safe.

Nothing – a problem, as you don’t have a thing.

Everything too is a problem, as ego seeps in.

With the ever growing desires dwelling in mind,

Contentment is always hard to find.

Price of a heart


Long had I waited to seal a deal

Long was he gone; and long was I sad.

Someone came along the way,

Asked me,”how good is your heart?”

Less did I know it was a trap.

Weakly I answered it is good to go.

“How far will you go for your loved one”, he asked.

I guess further than he has gone.

He showed me the picture of my loved one.

He asked me, “What would you do to be a part of the picture?”

How clever was he, dressed in disguise.

I mistook him as a slave, for he was the master of the world.

I promised him my heart for the love of my soul.


The master had played the trick well.

Only later I found, the soul was no longer his.

My baby was no longer innocent,

He was just a slave to the master.

Treacherous, deceiving, conniving master had taken my heart for his soul.

I deserved what I got the soul for my heart.

The master smiled at his victory;

My priceless heart had now become painless too.


The poem tells about a lady who has lost her baby. The devil comes with a deal and asks for her heart and promises her the soul of the child. It seems to her that her baby is happy; and she seals the deal with him. When she actually meets her baby she finds that he is no longer innocent but turned like the master (for he was staying in his world and has learnt his traits). Now she can’t complain as she got what she had asked for. Thus she understands that her priceless heart had now turned painless too as she is not affected to see her child change being something/someone different.

I’m getting late



I could see the tears roll out of her eyes,

I had a handkerchief in my hand that I could not lend.

“How could he not be here?” was her thought.

Less did she know that he was already there.

He tried to comfort her, but he was hardly noticed.


He had told his friend,” How happy I’m today.”

He stormed out of the house;

Shouting and waiving at his friend,” I’m getting late”.


For late he was at his own wedding, as everyone thought.

He said,” I’m here let’s begin the wedding.”

He went before the mirror to check his bow as nobody would do it for him.

Standing before the mirror he looked at himself soaked in blood.

He did realize that he was late; for he is never going to make for this wedding.

Money in the air, everywhere.



Money isn’t just a name.

To earn it isn’t an easy game.

Money, money, money everyone keeps reciting.

To have it, makes you feel powerful.

To see others have it, makes you feel jealous.


“I want money”, is a new mantra.

To get it easily, nobody knows the tantra.

Money is so alluring in nature.

Hoarding becomes difficult;

Spending is just too easy.


Money makes us crazy.

You can’t earn it if you are lazy.

“I want more money”, speaks the ambitious mind.

But sometimes it is just a means to survive.


Money has changed so many colours;

From gold, silver, copper to paper.

To think, money is just a name could be a thought of a fool.

Or, is it the importance that we give it makes us foolish.


Life could be so simple without money.

But we all seek money for living.

Money gives us power, so the mind thinks.

It could buy everything, could be a mind game.

Money is just money;

Nothing more, nothing less; if we learn the truth.

Is it the job or the boss or you?



I guess we all remember our first job (the same way we would remember our “list of firsts”). I don’t know if I was excited or nervous (pretty much the two feelings attached with anything on my “firsts list”). Any ways I remember being introduced around and to my desk (to which I would serve other than my boss and the company). Till a few months it was a comforting place, until one day my boss summoned me to his cabin. I thought I’ll be appreciated for my work, only to know in few minutes that my myth was about to be broken.

She said in a serious tone,” You are not performing well. It has been three months and you are not meeting your deliverables. As a result we’ll have to put you under “PIP” (performance improvement plan). As scary as it sounded it also sounded awesome to me (of course the acronym, one of the first lingos of the corporate world).

With a sinking heart and heavy steps I reached my work station. Now the desk didn’t seem inviting or comfortable. The talk had snatched away my comfort zone and transformed it into a lion’s den (the one place that I would be afraid to sit).

My reaction seems to have been blurred but I still remember that my feelings had taken a strong grip of me. Tears started to roll out, knowing and thinking that I’ve failed. Then, this feeling was overpowered by crazy thought to just harm the one who gave me this news. I didn’t know what to do, thinking that I’ll be fired I just started pushing myself too much (of course there were people around who were very supportive).

I don’t know if it was the fear of failing or the fear of losing my job that made me hasten my steps towards my job. By the end of the month I was not announced the employee of the month, however, I was performing. I was glad to hear the news and relieved to have been removed from “PIP”.


Years have passed by and now I’m the boss. Sometimes I find myself in the exact same spot as my boss. I would not say that I act better than her because it would mean comparing (you cannot compare the situations, in my understanding because situations and people will not remain the same). I would like to say that I try to wear a different approach when I have to break a bad news.

This experience has taught me how the person would feel at the receiving end. As the boss I know I’ve to break the news. I can hear their confidence shatter (the same way mine was broken like a glass back then). I try to gather the pieces with them and from here on I become there silent and active guide. By breaking the news you are already the devil, the least you can do is be the person and guide him/her.

When you are bad at something, you would already know that. Someone telling you that “you are bad” will not solve the problem. What will solve the problem is if that person can tell you what needs to be done. The best way to say would be, “exchanging the role from the giver to the receiver” and play the role of your receiver.