Elements of nature

A forest reminds me of all the elements of nature, even fire.

A plant — to me, reminds me of all the elements of nature, except for fire, I guess… at least, not in my garden.


A running river — a symbol of water — stands as one of the most powerful elements of nature after fire.

A ball of fire, but kept at a safe distance from us.

Nature’s lamp

Air  — wind, they stay invisible and can only be seen when the trees and leaves flutter or clouds drift away. Of course, even this could show us its temper sometimes.



dscn0127Water is the gift of life. But it would be unjust to say so, as water for all the living forms is not only a gift of life but a precious gift of life.


dscn0069Trying to find its source would be a magical journey.

A journey, that will lead to its end, and only when you’ll reach its end, you’ll realize that it’s only a new beginning.



I tried catching it once, as it ran along the shores but all I got was a slippery eel and wet clothes. So, the next time when it rained I closed it in a glass and froze it.

I liked its white crystal form. I felt proud, that I had tricked and caught some. But as the sun came hard on it, it smiled sparklingly at me and before I could do anything it ran away like a naughty child away from my grip.

Beauty is everything

Gone are the days of old cameras when they had limited film rolls. With the advent of digital cameras and even camera phones photography is not only easy but fun.

For an amateur photographer like me, it means to be able to click without any after or before thoughts attached to the moment.

I had my own myths related to photography…like you need to travel (possibly to the best of the locations), you need to capture beautiful things or should I say perfect things only. But I have broken my own myth shell.

Now I’ve understood that you can click amazing photos without traveling as well. Although, if you travel that’s great and if you don’t then don’t let your photography skills catch rust. Just take out your gadget and start clicking – remember it’s a digital camera, what can go wrong with that. Nature itself gives us a variety of things and sometimes it’s not perfect.

I not only look for inspiration in the most beautiful and perfect things but also mundane and imperfect ones. Now, I just like to capture anything as I see beauty in everything… beauty is everything.

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Expressing – in Words and Pictures

Trying to find peace within hearts is a difficult task specially in a fast paced and a mechanized world of today; however, if some time is spent alone with mother nature – one can certainly find peace.

clinging to a flower

clinging to a flower

Mother nature is a talented artist, brilliant creator and an experienced teacher. For an amateur like me, she spreads her arms which overflows with ideas, and that’s why I find myself clinging to her for inspiration, peace and wisdom.

white mushroom

white mushroom

Believers sprout like white mushrooms from dark brown soil and green grass. They all find their way up.

bookish christmas tree

bookish christmas tree

Books are the best companions that one can have. I feel that it’s almost difficult to read all the great books in one lifetime. And that’s why I feel that I should have started reading since the day I was born or I should now, read with an increased speed like my dying days are nearing.

pond with lotus leaves and sprinkled red flowers

pond with lotus leaves and sprinkled red flowers

Water is one of my favourite elements and so I would like to conclude my post with a quote from Lao Tzu : Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.


Refraction – An Optical Illusion

Refraction an optical illusion and a play of light source and the mediums. My contribution to this weeks challenge. I hope you enjoy my creativity in this topic.

An emerging Mother Mary and baby Jesus

Mother Mary and baby Jesus – looking through the glass.

Mother Mary and baby Jesus wrapped in blue

Another picture of Mother Mary and baby Jesus.

Prayer Wheel in refraction

A prayer wheel in refraction.

A glass globe

Life in a glass globe – shadows, light source, medium and refraction.

We all like to see what we want to see, but sometimes a slight change in angle of looking at things can reveal a whole new set of things. It brings a wider and a beautiful aspect of life that had escaped from us earlier.