Beauty is everything

Gone are the days of old cameras when they had limited film rolls. With the advent of digital cameras and even camera phones photography is not only easy but fun.

For an amateur photographer like me, it means to be able to click without any after or before thoughts attached to the moment.

I had my own myths related to photography…like you need to travel (possibly to the best of the locations), you need to capture beautiful things or should I say perfect things only. But I have broken my own myth shell.

Now I’ve understood that you can click amazing photos without traveling as well. Although, if you travel that’s great and if you don’t then don’t let your photography skills catch rust. Just take out your gadget and start clicking – remember it’s a digital camera, what can go wrong with that. Nature itself gives us a variety of things and sometimes it’s not perfect.

I not only look for inspiration in the most beautiful and perfect things but also mundane and imperfect ones. Now, I just like to capture anything as I see beauty in everything… beauty is everything.

I was getting an HTTP error while uploading some photos. Can anyone help me with this? 🙂

24 thoughts on “Beauty is everything

  1. Such a lovely thought and such beautiful pictures!
    I agree that one need not be traveling for taking beautiful pictures. I love taking pics as well.
    Your photos looks amazing!
    Looking forward to see more of your photography skills 🙂

    regarding the HTML error, was it coming while transferring the photos to laptop or while uploading in your post?


    • Thanks Sohini.:) I had taken these from my (Asus) mobile and was very happy with the results. I love your photos as they are very colourful. If I may ask, which camera do you use?


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