I love rivers and the running streams. I love the way water flows in them… through the rocks and pebbles and dried tree trunks. River to me stands for the way of life always flowing never stopping – always learning and growing- till it meets its end. Water a true symbol of strength and force also symbolizes calmness and life-giving energy.


Nature and everything in it symbolizes life, beauty, creativity and uniqueness to me. Nature is not only a teacher but a true artist as well (always at work creating something marvelous). The tree below looks like a human to me trying to reach for the sky. I had other photos as well to share but because of an error was not able to upload.

Nature’s art

Light a symbol of hope and goodness.

9 thoughts on “Symbolism

  1. I share your love of ‘Nature and everything in it’. I suppose that’s why my main teaching subjects were always geography and environmental science. But, like you, I also appreciate the artisic design in Nature – the sheer creativity of it all. The tree is totally awesome, and I can see why you say it looks like a person, reaching up to the sky. I agree too, that a river could well symbolise the pathway through life. Both photos are excellent for the prompt.


    • OMG! Everytime I get to know a bit more about you. I thought you only taught history and geography. What all subjects did you teach? I would really like to meet you some day Millie. πŸ™‚ So much that we think alike. πŸ˜‰

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      • It would be lovely to meet you, Norma. It’s a question of ‘Never Say Never’. As for what I taught, there were very few subjects I didn’t teach. I took geography and environmental science as my main teaching subjects, but I always taught history and various science subjects because they were linked to the two Departments I worked in (Humanities and Science). A little later I did my geology degree which was very science based, including paleontology, genetics and evolution, as well as geological structures and landforms, etc. It just complemented what I already taught. Because English was one of my ‘A’ levels at shool, I often taught English, too. I helped in P.E. departments for years because of my own love of gymnastics and sports. So, I’m definitely a mixture – a hotchpotch, as we say. What are you studying? You never say. Is it environmental issues? i know you feel strongly about a lot of those from one of your posts a while back. πŸ™‚
        Well, I’d better get my second quote up sometime tonight… Take care. πŸ™‚


      • OMG! How did you study so much. Good I asked…now no more surprises for me.;) In school and college it was mainly business studies but I loved literature. I disliked maths but science was interesting. However, since maths and science go together I didn’t even think of taking up science. I love to meditate as it gives inner peace and I also feel connected or should I say become aware (of things).
        Oh, BTW Millie I’m reading “Shadow of the raven”. I didn’t find a hardcopy but I got the kindle version. I’ve come to the point where Morwenna bears the child of Rorik (or so he thinks). It is quite interesting. I’m waiting to see the transition in Eadwulf now that being in captivity he has found a lost Mercian friend (or will he be an enemy?).
        I’ve done my second quote. Hope you enjoy it.:)


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