I wrote my 200th post

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing great. And wish that you all achieve great success in all the spheres of your life.

I just made it to the 200th post. How do I feel? Great! considering that I had not considered writing or blogging a year and a half back. The credit goes not to me but to all my readers and blogger friends. When I had first published my first post “Who Am I?” on October 2nd, 2013 I had no idea that I would be posting a 200th post. But, I did. I saw the posts where other bloggers had posted their 200th post and now I share the same feeling of happiness on making it to the 200th post.

I would like to thank all my readers and blogger friends who have encouraged me to write and kept up with my childish scribbles…at times. Although when I had started I didn’t expect anyone to follow me and only hoped to be read. But people at WordPress are a kind lot they not only supported an amateur like me but showered their likes, accepted my writings and quickly pressed the follows button. They were also kind enough to add their thoughts to the comment section.

I used to wonder how anyone could reach to the 200th post. I used to be amazed and happy for the others who had. In my view they were great writers, they had to be. I was happy on their achievement and very quietly say to myself, “Well someday even I’ll reach their.”

I became so addicted to WordPress and blogging and writing. In the hours when I had nothing else to do I would walk to my laptop almost in spell and login to WordPress.  The small yellow stars (the old format where they used to twinkle instead of the present notification bell) became a symbol of appreciation, comments a way to chat with friends and follows a responsibility. I’ve always felt that a number added to the follows list is not a number but a person who has joined the community.

The thing is, it was not the number that I wanted to achieve, it was more than a number to me. I was falling in love with writing and so I kept writing and doing posts…and finally it was the 200th posts. Now, writing has become a part of my life. I don’t know when my small community became big. I don’t know when small number of likes became huge bundles of joy – joy, that somebody is reading my silly stuff. I don’t know when unknown people became friends – friends, whom I’ve not met.

So, I would like to thank the WordPress guys for giving me a creative space in this huge blogosphere. I’m certainly thankful to all my readers and blogger friends for visiting, reading, liking and commenting on my blog. I’m also thankful for the time of the viewers who visited and left as this blog dosen’t suit their need.was not the place to be.

People who have followed me long since would see that Emovere has changed much from prose to short stories to poems. And now as I’ve taken my liking to photography you could see more of that already. All I want to say is with the ever helpful community and positive people at WordPress I see my journey where I can learn from so many and at the same time share my own learnings and creativity with everyone.

As a token of my gratitude to whatever Emovere has given me I would like share my very first post with everyone. Here is the link: https://normashilpi.wordpress.com/2013/10/02/who-am-i/

Please enjoy reading and visiting Emovere as I’m always happy to see you’ll.

Wishing, All A Happy New Year!

It’s that time when you get to know the top 10 of the year…best actors/ singers/ songs/ movies/ incidents and so on. It is also a time to bid farewell to the old year and greet a brand new year that awaits us.

This time of the year also reminds me of making resolutions. I had made some, not many New Year resolutions when I was in school and college. But I never believed in resolutions, never have.

What I believe in is goals. I have found that resolutions have helped me to form good habits such as reading newspaper or following a healthy diet or improving my work etc. Goals on the other hand have always helped me to maneuver my life in the right direction. One can have long or short term goals depending on what is that one wants. But I’m not here to talk about goals or types of goals or if it should be followed or not.

For a very long time I haven’t looked at the list of my goals (or should I say my goal sheet). I thought toady should be a perfect day to work on my goal sheet, as the old year has come to an end and the new year is standing with arms wide open.

My New Year’s resolution list remains empty this year, as I’m going to look at my goal sheet. I had taken a look at my goal sheet last year but didn’t work towards it; however, for happy new yearthis year I’ll amend it and may be introduce new ones or do something with it. Last year a resolution was made which I followed not dedicatedly but continuously. As I said, “I don’t believe in resolutions much”. I like to follow them but I’m not too hard on myself. I’m happy so far as I continue with whatever resolutions I’ve made. This doesn’t’ happen with goals though, I like to stick to my goal sheet as much as possible. I can be hard on myself sometimes.

I enjoyed the last year as I was not keeping tabs on my goal sheet. It was a joy ride…no worries, no responsibilities, no bounds…. It feels good; however, this kind of practice should be for a short time and not for too long. I needed some time to think over a few things and I thought it would be best for me to let my mind wander and not focus on things that were normally important.

I’ve had a wonderful ride on the 2014 wagon and I’m eager to ride the brand new 2015 wagon. God had been very gracious to me the last year in many ways. I thank Him. I’m also thankful to my readers and wordpress friends as they have shown their immense support and encouraged me from time to time. I wish and pray for everyone of you that may God shower his blessings and grant good health, wealth, peace and prosperity not only to you but also extend it to your family members.

So, to my dear friends – Wish you all a Happy New Year. A Happy 2015.


Thank You

Dear Friends,

There was a thought that kept on ringing like a bell in my head and it was-“I would like to thank all my fellow bloggers for the support they have showered at Emovere. I would like to say that your visits are more than welcome. So, please come any time of the day, once or twice- as it suits you.

I have received enormous amount of love and support from all my followers and reader friends and would like to ‘thank you all’. Thanks for reading, visiting, liking, putting your comments and following. They all mean a lot to me. I can understand that sometimes you are busy and that’s fine. And that gives me more reason to appreciate your visits and respect your precious time.

This blog is not only a blog but my window to new and different worlds that is far from me. And so for this opportunity I would also like to thank WordPress. Someone told me once and I would like to share. That someone said, ‘gratitude is the basic element of life, you should not forget it and that’s why show gratitude to everything and every person.’ Thank you, WordPress for lending me a space to ramble out my heart and mind.”

It’s all about WordPress…ing

Do I like writing? This question just occurred to me and the answer to this question is I certainly enjoy writing. I know that I’m not a writer nor do I claim to be one. I’m just a normal person writing…writing for, I don’t know, may be many reasons or none at all.

What does WordPress mean to me?

It means a lot by giving me an open sky to express myself. I’m not here to write like the other good writers (that you’ll find) on WordPress. Well I’m not any influential writer, but I’m just a normal person and I write to share my experiences of life. I write about what I’ve observed in my life or in general, things that I would like to change, things that made a difference in my life, things that made my life better. But then there are times when I just write to relax my brain cells (it is a good therapy, can you believe it, believe it).

This is how WordPress makes me happy?

Does it give me chocolates, no of course not but something more valuable than that. I remember as a child, when I was in nursery our teachers used to give one star or two stars; I didn’t know the purpose then, but we as little children used to be very happy and count who had earned the maximum from the teacher. Whenever I look at the stars from WordPress I feel like that same child again. I don’t do what I did then…counting. But it brings sheer joy and a sense of appreciation to me.

There is something else as well that WordPress does, wouldn’t you want to know what that is. It helps me to exchange comments and interact with my fellow bloggers. When I receive and posts comments; I feel that the very inactive post has become alive.

How can you miss the small plus like signs? WordPress says that they are your followers. They mean so much to me. I sure feel a greater sense of responsibility with the rising number. I respect them and their time.

Every like, every follows and comment counts and makes a huge difference not only on my blog page but also in my life. It shows your appreciation; it gives me the added power boost that is so needed at the sudden low tides of my life.

But then I don’t worry too much as I have said earlier I’m no serious writer. I write sometimes to be read and heard, and the other times not to be read at all.