Nuts and Chip

How exciting! I will have a mind reading chip with me. It will certainly make me feel like one of those MI characters starring with Tom Cruise. I will feel like I’m one of those Bond characters…spying. What a thrill! You bet, it is always thrilling to watch any Mission Impossible movie. Except for spying I would be more of a character from “The Listener” or “Lie to Me” (maybe,somewhat)because I’ll be reading people’s thoughts.

I will know if the stranger is really asking me for directions or flirting with me. I will know if my boss is really thinking of promoting me or someone else. I will know if the beggar truly means well when I give him alms. I will know what the guard is thinking when he is greeting me good morning. I will know whatever you are thinking, so beware of me.

In the beginning it will seem exciting and I will surely like to continue playing with this gadget. I would sleep peacefully at first then the mindless sleepless nights would come and make me insane. It will not only make me insane but make me look like one. The very moment I’ll open my mouth I’ll know…I’ll know it all. I will not be able to control it. It keeps on yapping, going on and on.

No, thank you very much. I’ll leave the chip…no spying, no mind reading. I think I’ll like a sane mind, please. I love the normal me and not a troubled soul who reads everyone’s thoughts like: I didn’t take a bath today, hope I’m not stinking too much. Ok, how boring (how will I react to this…it will show on my face, I don’t want to do that). How much are you earning these days (not your business…I know it’s your mind talking and not you otherwise you would have never asked). I’m happy getting answers for my questions. I’m happy to take normal guesses or rely on my 6th sense and not a chip. I’ll tell the mad scientist, “Go find another guinea pig for your experiment. Go find some nut for the chip, not me.”

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