Money in the air, everywhere.



Money isn’t just a name.

To earn it isn’t an easy game.

Money, money, money everyone keeps reciting.

To have it, makes you feel powerful.

To see others have it, makes you feel jealous.


“I want money”, is a new mantra.

To get it easily, nobody knows the tantra.

Money is so alluring in nature.

Hoarding becomes difficult;

Spending is just too easy.


Money makes us crazy.

You can’t earn it if you are lazy.

“I want more money”, speaks the ambitious mind.

But sometimes it is just a means to survive.


Money has changed so many colours;

From gold, silver, copper to paper.

To think, money is just a name could be a thought of a fool.

Or, is it the importance that we give it makes us foolish.


Life could be so simple without money.

But we all seek money for living.

Money gives us power, so the mind thinks.

It could buy everything, could be a mind game.

Money is just money;

Nothing more, nothing less; if we learn the truth.

3 thoughts on “Money in the air, everywhere.

  1. clayton paul says:

    So profound, Norma! Yes, money is what this world values most often. But the joys it buys are only transitory. The happiness passes, the money is spent, the trappings decay, and along with that, the “friends” you have desert you when the bank balance dwindles…

    “Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and thieves do not steal them away…” A very intelligent man once said these words!



      • clayton paul says:

        Well, I suppose I should clarify my comment. Money in and of itself is not “bad.” Several people mentioned in the bible were rich and still loved God…and He loved them.

        But that is the key word, “love.” The scriptures say it is “the LOVE of money” that is the root to all evil. When we put that love for possessions above most all else, we will eventually wind up “poor” in the sight of God.

        To have money is not bad in and of itself. To love it above all else is. I hope that helps to get my point across more clearly!



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