Who’s sorry?

Mom, what’s the matter? Yesterday I had a voice mail from you. Sorry, couldn’t make a sense of it. Could catch only this part, though – I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye. Why had you called and sorry for what?

Honey, do you remember uncle Ben.

Yah! I remember…him. He had taken some money from me.

Yes, him…

You had insisted so much so I had to. So, when is he returning my money?

You see…that’s why I had called you.

Ok, mom you sound serious. Is he giving me the money or not?

Sweetie, I’m sorry. He is no more. He died.

That’s bad! I mean I’m sorry. So how did it happen?

Few months back.

What! And you remembered it now.

Yes, I remembered it when I was looking at his photo. That’s why I had called you yesterday. You were not there so I left the message.

Mom, just to be sure…he was alone, right?

Yah, honey he was.

No sons, no daughters or any other relatives.

No… no one. I had never seen him with anyone. So, he was all alone. Poor soul.

Yah!poor soul. Ok, ma got to keep. Bye.

Bye honey. Take care.



This week, show us your minimalist photos. So, here they are. Hope you enjoy.