Who’s sorry?

Mom, what’s the matter? Yesterday I had a voice mail from you. Sorry, couldn’t make a sense of it. Could catch only this part, though – I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye. Why had you called and sorry for what?

Honey, do you remember uncle Ben.

Yah! I remember…him. He had taken some money from me.

Yes, him…

You had insisted so much so I had to. So, when is he returning my money?

You see…that’s why I had called you.

Ok, mom you sound serious. Is he giving me the money or not?

Sweetie, I’m sorry. He is no more. He died.

That’s bad! I mean I’m sorry. So how did it happen?

Few months back.

What! And you remembered it now.

Yes, I remembered it when I was looking at his photo. That’s why I had called you yesterday. You were not there so I left the message.

Mom, just to be sure…he was alone, right?

Yah, honey he was.

No sons, no daughters or any other relatives.

No… no one. I had never seen him with anyone. So, he was all alone. Poor soul.

Yah!poor soul. Ok, ma got to keep. Bye.

Bye honey. Take care.