Words she spell

“Granny can we go out to play in the snow?”

Copyright - Dee Lovering

Copyright – Dee Lovering

“No child this is not snow.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean nouh..not real snow.”

“I don’t understand!”

“Well, I don’t understand either.”

Big words started pouring from her that didn’t make any sense to me – polar vuhrtex… global warming… new ice age….

I ran super-fast to alarm my mummy. ” It’s granny she is casting spells on us. ”

Only that made sense to me, for I had seen big words used in story books to cast spells on people and places.

I wrote this piece from the POV of a small kid who wants to enjoy the snow. Although it has snowed in the month of July, it doesn’t make any difference to her.

Rochelle Wisoff- Fields-Addicted to Purple is the place where every Friday a photo is shared with an aim to write a fiction around it in 100 words or less. Anyone who wants to participate can click at FRIDAY FICTIONEERS to know about the rules.

Today’s photo is a contribution from Dee Lovering.

Thanks to Rochelle, a kind host, and Dee for sharing the photo with us. I would also like to thank my readers for visiting, reading and sharing their views.

21 thoughts on “Words she spell

  1. Delightful and humorous story, Norma. I think the child’s interpretation of all those big words is spot on. All big words must sound like spells – or just plain gobbledegook – to a child. 🙂


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