My interpretations of grid in various forms as – lattice, criss-cross, network….

17 thoughts on “Grids

    • Thanks for liking it Patti. 🙂 That’s from Taj Mahal. They had these gorgeous marble lattice window kind of thing. They looked quite delicate but were strong. If you see (very) carefully people are sitting on the other side.


    • Yes you guessed it right Heena.:) I had to take it, although I was not sure how it would turn out to be. I liked the delicate net work but still showed some strength (has to be, has been standing there for so long). Aren’t memories strange you just need a small thing and it will take you back to the past. 🙂 Where was your grandpa’s place?

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      • Yea, they are quite strong.
        And yes, memories are indeed strange.
        My grandpa’s place was in Dewas (an industrial area near Indore, Madhya Pradesh.)
        Actually, my great-great grandfather fought for Germany in WW2 and when he returned to India he was awarded loads of lands and stuff, so the house was built that time (after WW2 itself.) It was a really old house. Kind of like a mini-mansion 🙂


  1. I’ve just enlarged the pictures again, and the only thing I can see that could be the red monument is through the left had ‘window’ at the far back. Now, my eye-sight is ancient, so I could well be wrong! It’s tsill a really great picture. 🙂


    • Sorry for the trouble Millie. Yes that’s the one. Right now I’m travelling I’ll be sharing the other picture in which this red monument is visible and clear. It was made of red sandstone and has typical Mughal architecture. Thanks again and sorry for the trouble Millie. 🙂

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