Sometimes throbbing with vibrancy of life and then fading into dust; change is inevitable. A journey from dawn to dusk; a cycle of a caterpillar; a miracle from form to formless.


Sometimes visible to the eyes and sometimes…


…changing and flowing subtly, taking a new course every second like a river.

Thus, Heraclitus said, “The only thing that is constant is change.”

7 thoughts on “Change

    • Thanks Millie. 🙂 I just love this quote. It was only while I was doing this post that I found more about the person who had said it. I wanted to show a river or a stream, sadly (or luckily) this was the only picture that I had.

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      • This picture was lovely and worked well with the quote. It’s funny how much of what we do on WP has us diving into the internet. I spend a lot of time ‘Googling’ things people have written about.


    • Thanks Lita. Clicking pictures is the easiest hobby one can have, I think. I love and enjoy taking pictures. When we go roaming and I start shooting, the others with me get bored. I have to tell them please go and enjoy, I’ll be wandering the place and meet later. Sometimes on mundane days I love experimenting with my camera or objects. Outdoors are never a problem, you always find your subjects. How about you Lita what do you like clicking? 🙂


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