In Carving

People who know me, know me so well. They know me how inclined I’m towards art and artistic endeavours.

I’m always fascinated by sculpting, pottery making, weaving etc. Once I was interested in fruit carving but that is not what I want to talk about. What really held my interest was soap carving.

The first step involved decision making on my part, if I was really interested in it or not. The answer was a — yes. ­­The second step involved teacher and so came the Youtube. The third step involved tools of the trade. The fourth step involved my budget. I wanted it more towards the inexpensive side because I wasn’t yet sure about the outcome of my art deal that I was about go for.

Then came the action time. And so, I bought some inexpensive soap bars. For tools or tool I caught hold of a pair of scissors.

I followed the steps from Youtube. After scooping, carving and polishing for hours and days I did manage to get something out of my soap bar.

Of course, what I had made was no match to what I had intended to make. But it was a fun effort. And in cheers of good spirit neither anyone was hurt nor was anything wasted… other than just a bit of soap from the bar. In the end, I did feel like an artist at work or a mini sculptor of a kind.  I enjoyed the process and had fun.


Written for daily prompt: Carve


4 thoughts on “In Carving

  1. Norma, this sounds like a lot of fun and creative too. It’s amazing what you can learn from youtube and it has become an essential part of our world. Well done…I was a bit diappointed though – no pictures of the final carving!! 😀


    • I agree with you Annika these days youtube and google have become an essential part our world.
      Sorry no pictures though, as it was a long time back. I wasn’t really into capturing photos at that time. 🙂

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