On My Way

Determination alone cannot catapult you to achieving your goals. I realized this as I was quite determined to start my walks a few days back. Although determination being a strong contender I was still unable to find a suitable time for my walks.

I had been wanting to go walking – mornings or evenings, it didn’t matter. I just wanted it back in my routine.

Wanting is not equivalent to willing. “I want to go for walks,” I kept saying to myself. I had scribbled “walking” for 8 or 9p.m. in my dairy. I kept looking at it day after day. In my mind’s track I would have already walked a mile. Determination was proving to be futile. The more I jumped on the determination boat, the waves of procrastination drived me back and I swallowed disappointment.

Everyday I stared at my dairy with a willpower so strong that I could feel the adrenaline rushing in my legs from my past walks. Now I had scribbled “walking” for 5 or 6 in the morning. For another few days the process was repeated – ogling at my dairy along with visualization. This time it was a little different as I said, “I will go for my walks.” I took it as a positive sign.

There was still a problem – I don’t get up before 6:30 or 7. I am a morning person but not an early riser.

red flower

Today, I finally did it. I got up at 5.30 a.m.

In the park, freshness of the morning greeted me with a red flower (bottle brush, I think). The bright colour added to its fresh look and suggested only one thing – will power. Seated on a throne of green leaves it smiled ready to begin its day. I knew it had spoken to me. Before the moment could melt away in time, I cast a clicking spell and froze it in my mobile. It was my reward for the day.

Inspired by this little reward I will surely go for a walk tomorrow and then day after tomorrow and… untill my will power wanes off. I’ll wait till today comes to an end and I begin another day with a fresh start – a new day, a new tomorrow.

Let’s see what else do I find tomorrow on my way to my morning walk.

14 thoughts on “On My Way

  1. I, although not a morning person in the least, feel so great in the morning air and that slant of light that is like no other (when the world seems “new” and almost created for me to go out into and thrive), and so I must offer you . . . Hearty congratulations, Norma! So many world literatures say some variation on this idea: the first step (the hardest) begins a many-miled journey, that the process (not the destination, per se) is the most important thing. Whatever the case, I wish you much light and luck along the way toward your goals. 🙂

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    • I surely need that luck, Leigh. Thanks. 🙂 A very common phrase was sung to me by my mom “early to be early to rise….” Now that we live in a busy world I love to sleep late but also love to get up early. But even the doctors say that you require 8 – 6 hrs of sleep. So let’s see if I can keep up with my new routine. How about you Leigh do you like walking or jogging?


      • I have a streak of impatience in me, so while I rationally recognize how good walking is for the body, I tend to prefer jogging or running. I’m also always thinking of the next thing, so if I’m jogging or running, I feel that gets me onto the next task faster. Walking is a super exercise (low-impact, safe) and activity; I just don’t do enough of it.


      • “Low- impact” I like that. I somehow can’t jog or run. I walk and keep looking at things or people (silent observer). With running I think it would be a bit distracting to do that.;)


  2. I love to walk too, specially surrounded by nature, but it’s been some months that I don’t take the time to do it like I usually did. So thanks to remind me that I should go out and walk again for at least an hour. It gives me a sense of immense joy.
    Kind greetings,


    • You are right about the immense joy there. For me it’s the morning freshness. Getting up is fine but what’s difficult for me is getting out of home but once you are out it totally energizes you.
      I hope that you get started as soon as possible. 🙂

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